Bienvenidos a Respiración Holotrópica España

Stan y Christina Grof con Sitara Blasco y Juanjo Segura

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...actividades, talleres y cursos que tienen como eje La Respiración Holotrópica, la psicoterapia y la exploración de la conciencia.

Formación y experiencia

En la mayoría de nuestras actividades combinamos la formación, que nos ayuda a entender y contextualizar mejor nuestras experiencias, y el trabajo experiencial profundo a traves de la Respiración Holotrópica.

Formación de Grof Transpersonal Training

Grof Transpersonal Training es un programa internacional con sede en California, EE.UU. Stan Grof ha dicho: "España tiene la formación más vibrante, exquisita y participativa del mundo"

Talleres de 1 día de Respiración Holotrópica

Una forma ideal de probar la Respiración Holotrópica. Se realizan en diferentes ciudades ¡puedes echar un vistazo al calendario!


La Aventura de la Conciencia, taller especial donde se combina práctica de la meditación zen y la respiración holotrópica, junto con enseñanzas sobre la evolución de la conciencia

Quienes somos

Esta web pertenece a Sitara Blasco y Juanjo Segura. Ambos terapeutas y formadores de Grof Transpersonal Training. Son los organizadores en España la formación de Grof Transpersonal Training, conocida como formación en Respiración Holotrópica.


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Training modules 2017


2017, April 11-16
GTT Training


2017, June 24-29
GTT Training


2017, August 26-31
GTT Training

HB workshops 2017


2017, April 4-9 


2017, June 17-22


2017, August 19-24

What is Holotropic Breathwork?

Respriración Holotrópica Holotrópica Breathwork Grof Transpersonal TrainingHolotropic Breathwork is one of the most powerful and effective techniques of experiential psychotherapy and deep self-exploration within the Transpersonal Psychology. Its purpose is to achieve greater self-understanding, expansion of self-identity and to facilitate access to the roots of emotional and psychosomatic problems. The word ‘holotropic’ suggests to overcome internal fragmentation, as well as a person’s sense of separation from the environment.

It is based on the great healing and transformative power of expanded or non-ordinary states of consciousness (Holotropic states), which can occur spontaneously or through psychological practices, rituals, mystical experiences or deep meditation.

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1-day experiential workshops

Mandala Respiración Holotrópica Holotropic BreathworkAssisting a 1-day workshop you will have the opportunity of experimenting and getting to know the Holotropic Breathwork. The 1-day workshops are designed so that anyone can access the experience of Holotropic Breathwork. It is the ideal way to be introduced to the practice of Holotropic Breathwork and/or to continue a process of personal growth, therapy, self-exploration or healing.

The purpose of the workshops is to use the Holotropic Breathwork as a path to personal growth, healing or self-exploration in view of getting into the work with non-ordinary states of consciousness, with a skilful support and guidance..

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Grof Transpersonal Training

Respriración Holotrópica Holotrópica Breathwork Grof Transpersonal TrainingStanislav and Cristina Grof founded “Grof Transpersonal Training”, an organization placed in California which offers a training program in Holotropic Breathwork, based in Transpersonal Psychology. The training program started taking place basically in California but nowadays it is also possible to do it internationally. Spain is one of the countries where the training is done, offering since 2004 a GTT training of very high quality. Plus, is the  only place in Europe where the GTT Certification is constantly given. Modules are taught by Stanislav Grof, Tav Sparks and other teachers of GTT staff, although Grof is not physically present in all modules. International modules management is in the care of Tav Sparks, GTT director and closest Stan Grof’s team member since he started his training in 1989.

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